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Protolab Consulting

Starting up a project, being an idea of a new product, re-engineering one of your existing products or even refurbish your entire product range – you need a plan. We always seek a common understanding of a project to ensure the highest possible performance and quality.

Protolab has extensive experience in business- and product development. With our expertise we will make sure to find the best way to bring your idea from sketches and business models through R&D stages and prototyping to full scale production and logistics.

Financial planning and challenges are major parts of all product development. We can help you with plans and cost/effect spreadsheets, in order to assist in making the right decisions throughout the process. Our R&D skills rest solidly on our long term experience and a flexible team of highly experienced designers and engineers. At Protolab, we are well suited to undertake any task and follow your project from start to finish.

Our experience through various and extensive projects ensures good quality-, risk- and cost control.

We offer consulting services within:


Project management

  • Organising scope of work
  • Developing work packages
  • Gantt progress charts
  • Following up progress and deadlines throughout the project

R&D processes

Planning and implementation of R&D processes


Detail engineering

  • All necessary design and construction
  • All design work in Solid Works CAD
  • Supplier arrangements
  • FEM analysis

Development methods

Choosing various methods suitable for every stage of the development process



Developing specifications, design, engineering and production layouts



Determining standards and certifications for your product(s)



FC FDA CE RoHS DNVgl Lloyds TÛV EX Nemko


Quality- Risk- & Cost control

  • QA/QC according to client- and authorities’ requirements and standards
  • Risk analysis based on available project input and concept comparison
  • Cost control during concept- and engineering phase as well as during production

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