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Protolab design

Product design, to us, means full detailed engineering as well as form, ergonomics and function, Design and engineering also includes production lines and logistic systems.

Protolab has over the years been involved in numerous development projects, from ideas and sketches to full production tooling lines, including assembly line setups, packaging and logistics. This is all about what a designer needs to include when working on a project.

Many tend to think of form and colors only, when talking about design. Product design and product development includes , of course, form, color and function, but also engineering and production development, to actually make the product into industrialization.

The design process involves a functionality analysis, ergonomics, materials, form, color(s) and finish. Sketches are made as well as initial (3D) modeling and prototyping. This work goes often in a loop until the product is ready for detail engineering, test series and eventually into tooling and production.

Stirio - Kitchen Innovation
Automatic Cleaner for Traffic tolling & surveillance cameras

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