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Protolab manufacturing

For the past 15 years Protolab at its sister STP AS have been developing a highly competitive international network of production workshops and logistics facilities. Consequently we are capable of delivering production tools, high volume production runs and set up assembly lines for a variety of products, all equally professional. The span ranges from tiny, high precision mechanical parts from any material, to bigger and complex molded parts in metal or plastic in large quantities, to high volume assembled end products, ready packed and shipped world-wide.


Plastic Injection Molding

  • tooling
  • serial production in all known materials; plastics, rubber, silicone

Additive Manufacturing

For production purposes bigger companies now start introducing additive manufacturing equipment to improve production of complex parts in their products. When needed, this can be considered for some special situations, but still not widely available in most production sites.


Metal Casting

  • tooling
  • gravity moulding
  • die casting
  • high pressure die casting
  • lost wax method
  • any kind of metal
  • CNC supplementary work


  • PCB – design and production
  • assembly of complete electronic products
  • testing according to requirements

Metal Sintering

For some special components we sometimes use Metal Sintering from powder due to high complexity or high cost using conventional methods like casting and CNC machining. Tooth wheels are an example where this method can be cost effective.



  • full assembly-lines with all necessary fixtures, stations and robots
  • packaging including production of collar boxes, blisters, cartons and palleting logistics with full shipment services from assembly to retailer WW

CNC Machining

  • after work on series production castings
  • full CNC machining of production series

Sheet Metal

  • tooling
  • punching / bending
  • laser- and water cutting

QC/QA at all levels

  • Approvals to customers’ requirements and standards

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